• Lauren Pate

Building Community

Here in small-town Godley, Texas, we are blessed to be able to get to know our police officers by face and by name. Saturday evening at our weekly Farmer's Market, we had the opportunity to see several of them out and about, interacting with the community and they were nice enough to pose for this glamour shot for us!

So many of the children who have gone through the foster care system, some that may even prepare your order next time you stop into the Godley Grind, have been through traumatic life events. Events where the only safety they found, was in the arms of an officer, paramedic, or other first responders. While the criminal justice system plays an unfortunately large role in many foster cases, we here at the Godley Grind want to recognize all of the ways that our LEOs and first responders interact with our community, often at the worst times of peoples lives. Yet, they were still able to be a port of safety for many of the Rook children, and others like them. Seeing smiling police officers, surrounded by smiling citizens, reminds us that building, or repairing, a community can start off with the small things. When we see each other as people, during the best of times, maybe we can then have compassion and understanding for each other during the hard times. We hope the Grind can continue to be a place to build our community, and we invite you to be a part of it.


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