Daily Grind - Glory

On the way to work this morning on the church sign it reads a glimpse of Glory.

This is not a word we hear often any more. Wickipedia describes it as a word used to describe the manifestation of God's presence as perceived by humans.

In the book by Myles Munroe, titled The purpose and power of God's Glory, describes it as one of the buried treasures or lost humanity. It goes on to say that The Purpose and Power of God's Glory delivers the keys for releasing that glorious life in a manifested demonstrationof spiritual living and creative work.

What I like the most is the phrase to go from Glory to Glory - To be continually changed into what you were created to be. To be conformed to his likeness, to increase in characterand nature of God.

I don't want to stop at a glimpse of Glory, I want to experience Glory upon Glory today and every day I pray I never stop changing into what I was created to be.


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