Daily Grind- Where is your heart?

With Valentines Day fast approaching we see hearts everywhere. There is much talk of love and romance. We as a society easly throw the word LOVE around. I love that movie, I love those shoes, I love that coffee etc.

Matthew 6:21

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

The bible tells us that the things we treasure is where our hearts truly are. Do you treasure your family or that car? Do you treasure time with your family or time with God, or do you treasure time with your TV, Video games, friends, phone, or even ME time. Do you spend more time with your phone or with the bible. More time talking to friends or more time talking with God? If we forget our phone we go back to get it. Do we do the same thing when we forget our bible? What if we consulted the bible instead of Alexa? Maybe we would stop going in the wrong direction so often. I challenge you and myself today to spend this evening with no phone, no computer and instead spend time with your family and with God. In the morning instead of picking up your phone pick up the ultimate answer book, the bible.


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