Family Traditions

Family Traditions are important to everyone but especially so in an adoptive home. Most of these kids have not had many traditions and in same cases not much family period. So one of the traditions that started for our family and has carried on is Thanksgiving pies. Evey year I make each one of my childrens favorite pie. This tradition started when we were at 8 kids and as we added more kids we had to add more pies. Then we started adding grandkids and they wanted their own pie. So now we are up to 20 something pies. My kids begin calling me in October to tell me what kind of pie they want, then they sometimes change that several times. It does not matter if their sibling wants the same pie, they have to have their very own. All this to say I am somewhat of an experienced pie maker. We are now bringing this tradition to our Coffee Shop at the Godley Grind. Call and order your very favorite pies for the Holidays.


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