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Heart of the Grind

One of our customers captured this beautiful picture of our fearless leader, Patti Rooks. Patti works harder than any person I've ever met, routinely putting in 16 hour days at the bakery, in between mothering her 4 youngest children still living at home, and constantly scheming up great new ideas! Patti will go home to "take a nap", and come back with 5 aprons she's whipped up on her sewing machine, and a hand painted porch leaner she thought up. She's here at 4 am, baking and serving coffee to all the early morning regulars, and somehow still manages to answer her crazy business consultant's emails and texts at midnight. If you need some inspiration to get through your day, come grab a coffee, a treat, and say hi to Patti!


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What a wonderful day! Online ordering has come at last to the Godley Grind. You can select pickup inside, or via the drive-thru for anyone wanting to practice social distancing, or avoid running into


300 E. Railroad Street

Godley, TX 76044


Mon - ​​Sat: 6 am - 6  pm

Sun : Closed for Jesus


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