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For those of you that do not know Mary Haskell you have missed out. Or as my kids call her Grandma High school. We met Mrs. Mary many years ago at church. We were a foster family and at the time had 12 kids living in the home. It was Christmas time and during church she tapped me on the shoulder and told me that if there was anything that my kids wanted for Christmas that we were not able to give them, she would be happy to help out.

There was something that Kegan wanted for Christmas very badly that I was not able to give him. He had asked for a Grandma. Both of our parents were passed and we were not able to fulfill this request for our then 4 year old. So Grandma Haskell (High School) stepped up. She has been a loving and caring example of what a grandma should be for my children and an inspiration to me. I want to be just like Mary Haskell when I grow up. She is the perfect example of how little it takes to make a difference in someones life. Be a light to someone today and If you don't know Mary you need to.


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