• Lauren Pate

“Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”

Some of you know the Rooks family, and the awe-inspiring story of how they found themselves running The Godley Grind Coffee Company and Bakery, in small town Godley, Texas. Many of the residents in Godley have grown up with various Rook children throughout the years; played on Wildcat sports teams, and passed each other in halls. Parents have been teachers, coaches, spectators, maybe without even knowing it. Some have blessed the family in numerous ways, many have been blessed by them over their 16 years in Godley. But still, many of the newer residents, don’t know their story, or the true purpose behind the Godley Grind. Certainly visitors, passing through town or via the World Wide Web, aren’t familiar with the mission of Deahl and Patti Rooks, and the family they have built, in their home and in the coffee shop they pour their lives into.

To “sum up” their journey, check out the story that WFAA did last year, and then head on over to the “About” page to read more about the Rooks family.

Keep an eye out for upcoming bios on all the family members you’re likely to run into behind the counter, serving your coffee and baked goods every day!


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