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When you think of heros most people think of what they see on the big screen. Superman, Batman, Black Panther.

Last night we get a call after going to bed. Anyone with teens old enough to drive, or young adults out of the house, understands how warning signals go off in your head any time the phone rings at night. But this wasnt a call from one of my many children, but a call from one of my many heros. A foster/adopt parent that was sitting up late worrying over what to do next for a child that was born to another family, but that his family had stepped up to save. This child has been in crisis for days, therapist, psyciatrist, counselors and school doesnt know what to do and they have training for this.

Unless you have fostered/adopted from foster care you can not understand the pain and heartache that comes with the decision to make a difference in a childs life. Yet this is the life we choose every day. When I see bumperstickers of someones child being an honor student, I smile because in my world it would be a sticker reading my child didnt get kicked out of school this semester or even this week.

I hear people say that foster parents do it for the money. If anyone is doing it for the money they will not do it for long. This is a 24 hour per day 7 day a week commitment with no time off, no vacation, and no hazzard pay. If you have more than one it is a balancing act with all of their little perks, triggers, and trauma.

My heros are not the glamarous people on the news and TV. My heros are people like the Words that have 8 children that are second chance adoptions. The Girards that deal with FASD in their adopted children and still find time to do a twice monthly bible study for teens from foster care complete with video games. The Jones that have adopted several, run several restaurants and advocates daily for trying to find homes for more waiting children.

The Akins family that lead a foster care ministry in Keller that have helped so many families. Unfaulted organization that finds families and support for girls after they have aged out of care. My list could go on and on. I stand amazed at the sacrafice that these families make every day. They are touching lives and changing lives forever.

Most of them will never be empty nesters. There will always be someone needing them, the trauma and pain that these children have endured does not go away it changes and ebbs and flows but never goes away, but thats ok this was the life that heros choose. If you have a minute of two say a prayer for a foster/adopt family today, you never know the battle they are facing. Better yet you can be a member of the Hero club, become a foster or adoptive parent. If you are already a foster adopt parent come by Godley Grind Coffee Company and let me buy you a cup of coffee.


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