Morning Grind- Spirit of Adoption

It's no secret that I am a great fan of adoption. With 18 of my own adopted children and 8 adopted nieces and nephews, and working in child welfare, I have seen a lot.

In the spiritual life " adoption is that act of God by which we who are alienated and enemies and disinherited are made the sons of God and heirs to his eternal glory" In our world Adoption is supposed to be the same.

We take these kids in and hope to change the direction of their lives. We love them, cloth them, feed them and misiter to their souls. Sounds easy but in reality its the hardest job you will ever LOVE. Fostering and Adopting is hard, really hard. These kids start feeling comfortable and they start pulling away. Much as we do to our adopted Father in Heaven. How often do we say Jesus take the wheel and then a few days later say OK now Im back on track I can handle it from here so we take the wheel back only to make a mess of things again and again?

We dont understand why these kids make things so hard on them selves and take the hard road when we are right there with our arms out to lead the way and keep them safe. It is really no different than what God does for us. He is there with his hands out waiting for us to come to him instead of taking that unknown road over and over that leads to hurt and danger.

Over and over we see families that only want to adopt babies. Babies are easier because they have total dependace on their caregiver. Older kids make a choice on trust and dependance.We tell them that we are there for them but they continue to question because they have experienced loss and hurt. They have a choice to surrender their will to us as parents for a better life, just as we have to surrender our will to the Lord for his inheritance of eternal life.


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