Morning Grind- Strength and weakness

Many years ago I was starting a new job as a Dairy Tester. The man that was training me had a screensaver on his computer that said My strength is made perfect in weakness. At the time yhis made no sense to me but I never forgot it through the years.

Before I continue let me make a point here that you never know when your actions will touch someone for their entire life. I can't remember this Man's name or what he looked like but I do remember the verse on his computer screen many years later. So dont ever miss the opportunity to show Christ to others.

My sweet husband has a bible collection. He likes to read his bible then go to a different version and see how it is written. He never goes into half price books that he does not go to the bible section. He has a stack near his chair of various versions. I accused him of trying to find the teachers version with the answers in the back of the book. But really only do we come to understanding when we study his word. It is not enough to say a prayer at dinner and bed time or to attend Sunday Church. The Lord wants quality time with you so you have understanding and yes answers.

Is was many years and a lot of time with the Lord before I understood what that simple verse meant that when we are at our lowest, our weekest, rock bottom this is when we know we do not have the strength but God does and his Strength is enough to sustain us through any situation.

A few years ago one of my sons was killed in an auto accident. We got Tyram when he was 15 and he was killed the day before his 22nd Birthday. It was the hardest thing I have ever been through but the one thing that God gave me that got me through was that Tyran was saved at 16 while living with us and it was comfort that one day I would see him again.



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