Now What?

The last couple of weeks have been crazy. The life I live as a mom of 20, crazy is my normal. In my life time I have lived through the assisination of JFK, Bobbie Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. First Man to walk on the Moon, Vietnam War, Death of John Lennon, Elvis Presley, and Micheal Jackson, The tragedy of 911, The stand off in Waco and adoption of 18 kids. This was my normal. Home schooling my kids is not my Normal.

This week we have worked on assignments with relatively little arguments. We are on a schedule that I am quite proud of but kids are not so happy about. We have made and delivered 49 masks to nursing home, police department and our local gracery store. You would have thought that I would have completed one more to make it 50 but I just couldnt pull that off.

I learned a lot this week and its only Wednesday. I never knew teenage boys could whine more than a 4 year old girl. I never knew a 4 year old girl could go to the bathroom so many times in one day. Never knew it was so much easier keeping laundry all clean when you are at home all the time. I never knew a 15 min drive to the drug store could be such a welcome break. Probably the most important thing I learned was that I am not in control.

So what now? That is what my kids keep asking me "when will all this be over and back to normal?" My answer is I dont know, Don't know if it ever will. We closed both coffee shops last week and laid off 9 employees. We closed our doors and took a step back. Will we be able to open back up and rehire our employees? I pray we do. If not, I at least have a lot of good coffee to drink. We will survive all of this the way we always do. It might not be comfortable or fun but we will survive it. This tragedy has brought us closer as a family and homeschooling really isnt so bad. Staying home would not be so bad except the snacking all the time (me not the kids). It has made us take a break and give time to God daily as a family. Life goes on and God is still in control, even though I thought I was there for a while.


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