The clue

Kids from hard places think differently than other childrem do to the life experiences and trauma history they have lived through. This weekend I took four of my kids to an escape room. We had been to one before and it was a great experience in learning to work together.

In the escape room we chose it had lots of boxes with locks, padlock, combination locks, magnetic locks. Each box we opened there would be a variety of clues inside the box. We were working against the clock so each time a box was opened we each would grab a clue and work on it then we would all share and try to figure it out.

Half way through our clock count down one of the boxes were opened and we all grabbed a clue. Mine was an envelope with a letter inside and I opened it read it out loud. Another 20 minutes and we figured out all the clues and the door popped open with two minutes to spare. The man working there came in and told us we had done a great job and did we have any questions about any of the clues or props. Bubba (14 years old) says " yes I have a question, what is this shank for "the man looks at the clue he still held in his hand then replied " thats not a shank, thats a letter opener" (went with the letter I had opened earlier).


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